Twas The Night Before Christmas!

Twas The Night Before Christmas- Easy Apps Edition!

“Twas the night before Christmas and all through Easy Apps,
Not a customer was unhappy with great features like Google Maps!
The stockings were hung and the presents were there,
One filled with a smartphone and one with an iPad Air.

Your customers will thank you, all snug in their beds,
While visions of social media dance through their heads.
Mamma in her kerchief, and I in my cap,
Had just settled in and downloaded Lehigh Valley’s new app.

2014 is here and brings with it a new clatter,
The revolution is upon us – mobile websites really matter!
Away from the desktops, you can’t see the Flash,
So upgrade your website before your customers dash!

To attract some new customers, choose our SEO-
We’ll put your website on top and competitors below.
When anyone searches the internet you’ll appear,
And your customers will know that the right choice is clear.

Our designers are perfect, so lively and quick,
Our websites, you’ll find, will always do the trick.
With personalized service our sales team they came,
With the insight and knowledge they brought to the game.

One-Touch Calling, Coupons and Photo Galleries to view,
Push Notifications, QR Codes, and Shopping Carts, too!
With real-time analytics to track your success,
There isn’t a need that we cannot address!

This mobile technology is not going away,
So contact a Digital Media Consultant today!
Don’t make your customers pinch and pull on your site,
Merry Christmas to all and to all an optimized website!


Easy Apps Strikes Back: The Attack of the Smartphone

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6 Ways to Find New Blog Ideas

Marty F. Nemec


“Content is king.”

That is a saying that holds true for the online operations for any industry, whether it is a blog or a social media platform. What makes a blog different is that a 140-character sentence or a single picture doesn’t cut it as a post. Since most blogs are focused a particular niche, industry or hobby, it limits the amounts of things a blogger can write about. I doubt I have to say it, but a marketing blog posting a review on “Despicable Me 2” would raise some eyebrows and probably open the exit door for some of the blog’s followers.

Readers also like regularly posted material, which is where the problems arise. Some bloggers post every other week, while others post every other day. No matter how often you post, you eventually will sit down at your desk and find no “great ideas” in your…

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By Ashleigh Tweedie

Mobile Websites and Apps Apocalypse: The Time is Now!

Did you know?

75% of businesses do not have a mobile optimized website. 75% of businesses are suffering.

64% of customers will not deal with a traditional website from a smartphone and will leave your site if it is not optimized for mobile use. This means that over half of ALL TRAFFIC to three quarters of business websites are abandoning them due to an unpleasant mobile experience.

25% of people use only mobile for internet searches.

96% of internet searches are done looking for local businesses.

70% take action within an hour i.e. contact a business or get gps directions.

                    It takes about one month for desktop users to catch up.

9/10 mobile searches lead to action and 50% lead to purchases.

The time has come for the need to have a strong internet as well as mobile presence or your business will be doomed…

Mobile coupons are redeemed 10x more than traditional ones.

Understand that if your competitors are utilizing this technology and you are not, their business is showing up higher on Google search rankings than yours. Customers are finding business in your competitors when they should be at your door!

Do you want repeat customers? Once a customer has downloaded your app, it is extremely unlikely that they will ever go to another business besides yours again. Apps are native and remain on the user’s phone eliminating the need to look anywhere else for a specific service.

We understand that every business expense is made in the mindset of bringing in more money, not just simply because they want to. This product will be an essential part of bringing your company more business and increasing revenue.

Mobile websites come with a standard ‘Contact’ tab that incorporates online functions such as business location with gps directions and one touch calling.

But, they can also process coupons that can be printed or scanned off the website.

Although there is a need for both products, apps provide more interactive features that aren’t available on a mobile site. Once your customers are happy and consistently visiting your mobile site, it is time to invest in an app.

Customer loyalty coupons can be redeemed right off the app itself and customized for individual customers, products and features.

And finally, the most important aspect, what can a  mobile website and app do for my business?

Increase customer loyalty for those who have downloaded your app as well as strengthen your SEO ranking with a mobile optimized site.

Your customers will leave your site feeling warm and fuzzy knowing that you truly value and care about their business. Save money on print advertisements and coupons by sending push notifications or hosting coupons on your mobile site. A user-friendly and interactive product will put you in a better position in your customer’s minds.

Text message marketing can cost upwards of $500/month while push notifications can be incorporated for free within an app.

This technology provides the opportunity to increase revenue by increasing traffic to your business.

Your customers are mobile, are you? What concerns do you have with investing in this innovative technology?






The Way of Doing Business is Changing

The way of doing business is changing. Businesses need to be able to create concrete connections with their customers and traditional channels is simply not cutting it anymore. Connect through their smartphones and tablets and you will be at their fingertips whenever they need you!! Not only will you be creating customer convenience and loyalty, but the amount of new customers you can reach is endless!
In order to succeed, business need to listen and care about their customer needs. The statistics show how customers feel about mobile interactions…
Your customers are mobile, are you?
Stand out in your customers mind… Contact a digital media consultant today through Be sure to follow us on Twitter and like our page on Facebook as well.
Where is your business going?
By Ashleigh Tweedie

Your customers are mobile, are you?

Your customers are mobile, are you?

96% of smartphone users look for LOCAL INFORMATION …

70% of mobile searches lead to action WITHIN AN HOUR …
It takes about ONE MONTH for the same percentage of DESKTOP USERS to catch up …

Think about it, no one walks around with their laptop. Customers want information and they want it now. Giving them access to a user friendly mobile website WILL increase your revenue!!! Meet the needs of your customers with their first interaction with your business …

Your customers are mobile, are you?

Contact us today to see how we can help your business grow!!

By Ashleigh Tweedie